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To many hills to climb

Its not an obsession its just me. Emma.
2 October 1991
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About Myself.
Heya im Emma im 18 nearly 19 :) and i live in cardiff in Wales, uk :) studying at Hartpury College University doing Bsc(hons) Equine Dental Science which I love :) My passions in life are horses i cant live without them i help at my stables and have a lesson every saturday and i love it! its my escape from the week! :) i ♥ hanging out with my friends :D all the usual really :D in the future i hope to become an Equine Dentist or Equine Physiotheripist :) and i am aiming breed an andalusian mare and stallion that i would love to own in the future as these are my favourite breed of horse :) Im not really on lj that much anymore cause i have currently done my alevel exams in chemistry biology and history so college is kinda taking up all my time atm but i will try and post more when i have to opportunity, i probally sound a bit boring on here but i dont waste my life on the internet i prefer to be outside doing someting :P anyways Check out my sisters icons over @ violet_clouds there well good :) God its been 4 years since ive been on here! im now 23 and a qualified physiotherapist :)

I love horses, wildlife, all animals, photography, art, history, sciences, music, sining, my friends :) ly all! xox, photoshop, making graphics, cake yum!:), anything to do with nature, omg spongebob!!!!!!!, t.v, movies, my computer, holidays, italy, wales, scotland, clothes, messing around with my friends :), anything cute, disney, cartoons, horse magazines, being outside, exploring, walking, swimming, horse riding............and lots lots more :)

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My Communities
enchanted_medow - my person graphics community
stock_graphics - anyone can post stock graphics here
disney_100 - a 100 icon disney or anyother cartoon challenge
disney_cartoons - anyone can post cartoon icons here
stockicontest - a weekly themed stock icontest
dropdeadlims - a fashion lims
spongey_cons - a cartoons community inspired by the one and only sponge bob :P

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